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Welcome to Betty Roots Music Located in the heart of the Frout district in Quimper, "Betty Roots Music" offers a wide selection of second-hand vinyl records for all tastes and all budgets.


► In the heart of the Faubourg Saint-Corentin in Quimper, be welcome to push the door of the modern shop of ‘Betty Roots Music’, the 1st local open space de la musique du monde et d’un très grand nombre d’artistes.


► In this neighborhood dedicated to the arts and culture, this essential "vinyl place" (‘LP’ 33 laps, max. 45, 45, CD, audio tapes, rock magazines and accessories), is deliberately multicultural, multigenerational, trans-musical and definitely timeless.


► With its happy atmosphere slightly tinted by a vintage touch, the store is comfortably organized to search and find easily, and moreover to discover and share with pleasure.


► In the boxes (1st quality second-hand vinyls, original analogical pressings from recognized or more confidential artists) each galette has been unearthed, checked, cleaned and tested for you by Betty Roots Music


► Whether you are precise and determined in your musical references, or rather curious and open-minded, especially to pretty surprises, but always resolutely true sound amateur, Betty Roots Music is heartfelt committed to offer you an eclectic choice satisfying any of your desires: Pop, rock, metal, techno, reggae, new wave, punk, disco, funk, jazz, garage, classic, celtic, rockabilly, dub, popular varieties, ska, country, other hit parade titles , movie soundtrack, world music, children’s music ...


► Whether they are vinyl collector, rare or more common, thanks to Betty Roots Music, feel and discover again on your turntables the thrilling sensations provided by the dynamism, the roundness of the so specific and so unique sounds of these original vinyls.


► And these precious supports that have known a life before, which have colored other stories elsewhere bringing a lot of emotions to other amateurs / collectors before you, will become witnesses to your moments of life but also those of your relatives. You can even offer them or even better “being offered to you!” thanks to gift cards available in the store.

Similarly, at every visit, your Betty Roots Music loyalty card will quickly enrich your sound library (10 € of purchase = 1 point, 11 points = 10 € gift in my store)

you want change your points by euros, click here: 


So be curious: come in, ask, listen, vibrate!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Alain Le Guen.



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